Abortion Rights in Canada

Closing of Morgentaler Clinic in New Brunswick

Letter sent to Premier D. Alward and Members of the 57th Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick:

At the June 1 Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Unitarian Universalist Women’s Association (CUUWA), the new Council was directed to write a letter to express our dismay that access to safe and inexpensive abortions, with the accompanying education and counseling that such a serious decision merits, will be more difficult after July 31, 2014.

One does not need to a be a direct supporter of the private Morgentaler clinic to appreciate that every mother should be willing to bear and able to care for every child she conceives and that every child that is born should be a wanted and desired human being. The long-term social and psychological costs to individuals and society are too grave. Anyone who studies birth and death demographics knows the consequences, plus the dangers of ancillary diseases.

The immediate financial pressures upon women who desire an abortion anywhere in the Maritime provinces will increase because it was the only private clinic. Certainly the price of $700 – $850 is less than that of a hospital ($1800) and surely a hospital environment is less supportive than a specialized out -patient clinic.  The health care system already is stressed with patient demands, while a pregnant Canadian woman has the right to make decisions about her own body. It would be far more humane to support this out -patient clinic than to close it.

Since 1980, our Unitarian faith community has articulated and upheld this resolution on Abortion Rights:

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the 19th Annual meeting of the Canadian Unitarian Council promote changes in the law to permit that the right to abortion be determined exclusively by the woman in consultation with a physician. (www.CUC.ca; www.CUUWA.org)

We act now, as a national women’s organization, to request that you reconsider your decision to reduce access to abortion in New Brunswick.