About us

CUUWA is an associate member of the Canadian Unitarian Council.

The CANADIAN UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST WOMEN’S ASSOCIATION (CUUWA) was founded in May 2011 and received associate status with the Canadian Unitarian Council in September  2011

Our Mission:

  • To support women-centred projects that raise awareness about women’s history, rituals, and perspectives;
  • To develop and distribute educational materials that highlight a women-centred lifespan curriculum;
  • To grant awards to women based on merit, and to acknowledge the creative work of women;
  • To maintain a monitoring group with two functions:
  • 1) internal within our denomination to ensure that language is inclusive, that there is equitable representation on denominational committees, task forces, etc; and
  • 2) external: to determine priority for issues such as economic equality, reproductive rights, and educational access; and to influence, educate or inform policy on issues relevant to women at all levels, local, national and international.


The Canadian Unitarian Universalist Women’s Association (CUUWA) will have a national and international profile with respect to  the personal, public, professional and political aspects of women’s lives and will reflect our core denominational principles.