Privilege Talk – Gender and Privilege

Join the CUUWA for a conversation on Privilege and Gender, as part of IWD/Women’s Month. The conversation will be facilitated by Catherine Strickland. Before our discussion, please watch this sermon Catherine gave to North Shore Unitarians on this topic.

These calls are open to all members and friends of the CUUWA and are free of charge. The discussions are designed for us to work through the various layers of privilege in our own lives, develop empathy for and learn from others, and share our personal experiences and reflections with other feminists. They take place on Zoom; here is the link and the details for Monday’s chat:

March 25, 2019 at 3:30 PM Pacific time, 4:30 Mountain and Saskatchewan, 5:30 Central, 6:30 Eastern, and 7:30 Atlantic

Join Zoom Meeting on the web at or on the phone at 6475580588 with meeting ID 373 322 268.

Feminist Book Club – April – The Red Word by Sarah Henstra

We will be discussing The Red Word, by Sarah Henstra. Our first meeting was wonderful, and we look forward to talking to new or continuing members of this open, low-commitment book club: we welcome you to attend whether or not you have read the book, to listen or to chat.

The battle of the sexes goes to college in this nervy debut adult novel by a powerful new voice

A smart, dark, and take-no-prisoners look at rape culture and the extremes to which ideology can go The Red Word is a campus novel like no other. As her sophomore year begins, Karen enters into the back-to-school revelry — particularly at Gamma Beta Chi. When she wakes up one morning on the lawn of Raghurst, a house of radical feminists, she gets a crash course in the state of feminist activism on campus. The frat known as GBC is notorious, she learns, nicknamed “Gang Bang Central” and a prominent contributor to a list of rapists compiled by female students. Despite continuing to party there and dating one of the brothers, Karen is equally seduced by the intellectual stimulation and indomitable spirit of the Raghurst women, who surprise her by wanting her as a housemate and recruiting her into the upper-level class of a charismatic feminist mythology scholar they all adore. As Karen finds herself caught between two increasingly polarized camps, ringleader housemate Dyann believes she has hit on the perfect way to expose and bring down the fraternity as a symbol of rape culture — but the war between the houses will exact a terrible price.

The Red Word captures beautifully the feverish binarism of campus politics and the headlong rush of youth toward new friends, lovers, and life-altering ideas. With strains of Jeffrey Eugenides’ The Marriage Plot, Alison Lurie’s Truth and Consequences, and Tom Wolfe’s I Am Charlotte Simmons, Sarah Henstra’s debut adult novel arrives on the wings of furies.

Discussion is on April 14th at 8:00 pm Atlantic, 7:00 Eastern, 6:00 Central, 5:00 Mountain and Saskatchewan, and 4:00 Pacific.

Join Zoom Meeting online at or on the phone at 6475580588 with meeting ID 328 662 153.

March CUUWA Update

March is just around the corner! To mark International Women’s Day, the CUUWA has planned a number of activities to take place in March 2019. Materials for worship and study are available free to the public at:

Announcing the 2019 International Womens Day Service Package

March 3, 2019, and March 10, 2019. Congregations are encouraged to do a service for International Women’s Day. Materials in the package include original words for Chalice Lighting, Responsive Reading, Blessing, Joys & Sorrows, the Offering, and the Closing, as well as options for sermons or a panel of presenters, and an abundance of poetry. Other materials are included for individual reflection and for study, discussion, and small ministry groups.

From March 3 to March 10, special postings on IWD and Journey will be posted on our Facebook page. Share your experiences in response to a series of reflection questions.

March, tbd. IWD Edit-a-thon: Women editing Wikipedia. Details forthcoming from Mary Bennett.

March 10, 8:00 pm. Atlantic, 7 Eastern, 6 Central, 5 Mountain, 4 Pacific. First meeting of the monthly online Canadian U*U Feminist Book Club at at At our first meeting, we will be discussing two books by indigenous women of two different generations: read one of them or both, if you have time, or feel free to join and listen! Books: Lee Maracle, I Am Woman, Press Gang, 1988; Terese Marie Mailhot, Heart Berries: A Memoir, Counterpoint, 2018. Open to all.

March 25, 2019, 3:30 Pacific, 4:30 Mountain, 5:30 Central, 6:30 Eastern, 7:30 pm. Atlantic. CUUWA discussion on Privilege and Gender, led by Catherine Strickland, NVC practitioner. Watch Catherine’s sermon on the topic here before attending:  Open to members and friends of the CUUWA.

Looking past March, please save the date for our Annual Tea and AGM, on June 8, 2019. Organize a cluster in your community, serve “subversive tea,” and attend the online Cross-Canada CUUWA Check-in and AGM. Starting at 10 am Pacific time, 11 am Mountain, 12 noon Central, 1 pm Eastern, 2pm Atlantic.

The CUUWA is governed by a national Council currently composed of the following regional representatives:  Atlantic (shared):  Jo-Anne Elder-Gomes, Chair and Anneke Elder-Gomes; BC: Lillie Lentz; Prairies: Christine Mishra; Ontario: Kathy Sage; At large: Margaret Linton (Treasurer/ Membership), as well as Ministerial Liaisons Rev. Linda Goonewardene and Rev. Christopher Wulff.

Membership is $25 per year, with reductions for longer periods and additional family/household members. Support our efforts to improve human lives.

Feminist Book Club – March 2019 – Lee Maracle and Terese Marie Mailhot

March 10th at 4 pm Pacific, 7 pm Eastern, 8 pm Atlantic etc. at

At our first meeting, we will be discussing two books by indigenous women of two different generations: read one of them or both, if you have time, or feel free to join and listen!

  • Lee Maracle, I Am Woman, Press Gang, 1988;
  • Terese Marie Mailhot, Heart Berries: A Memoir, Counterpoint, 2018.

The Canadian Unitarian Universalist Women’s Association, an affiliate of the CUC, invites all to join the Canadian UU Feminist Book Club.

Learn more about the CUUWA Feminist Book Club.

Announcing the 2019 International Women’s Day Service Packet

The Canadian Unitarian and Universalist Women’s Association (CUUWA) invites all congregations across Canada to celebrate International Women’s Day on one of the Sundays close to March 8, IWD, each year. It is our goal to have IWD services in all congregations. Will you help us achieve this goal of promoting awareness of gender equality and women’s issues? 

This year, we have compiled a set of worship and study materials and share them with you, in time to plan for your March 3 or 10 service, or for a small group ministry session, study or discussion group in March. 

Download the 2019 IWD Service Packet: Journey

Our 2019 theme is Journey

Our packet includes a Chalice Lighting and other readings for a Sunday Service, suggestions for sermons or panels, children’s stories, reflection questions for a small ministry group session, and links to music and web resources. There are two special features this year. One is a focus on “before” and “after” which includes a documentary on second-wave American feminists and photos accompanying our CUUWA Council members’ stories of their journey(s). They offer opportunities for reflection, discussion, and sharing of your own stories of discovering feminism or finding yourself, of how feminists and pioneers or activists of our U*U movement have influenced your journey, and of how feminism and experiences of gender and sexuality have changed over your lifetime. The second is a major section on poetry. This year, for the first time, we put out a call for writing and artwork based on the theme of Journey. We were thrilled by the response from Canadian U*U women, and happy to include rich and varied poems in this package. 

Please follow our Facebook page from March 3 to March 10. We will be asking questions about your journey, and inviting you to share how your congregation or group made use of these materials.

These materials are free of charge and we invite you to share the package widely. If you would like to support the CUUWA’s efforts to produce information, offer educational programs, and create opportunities for U*U women and allies to connect, please consider joining our organization.

Jo-Anne Elder-Gomes, 
Chair, CUUWA 

2018 CUUWA Newsletter

Holiday Greetings from the CUUWA Council!

This is an opportunity for us to connect with you and let you know who we are and what we are doing.

Our Council and other volunteers work hard on behalf of our members and other UU women across Canada on a range of feminist and gender issues. Our specific goals are to raise awareness about women’s history, rituals, and perspectives, through training, communication, celebration and many resources.

Download the 2018 CUUWA Newsletter

Updated Resolution on Abortion Rights

The CUUWA Council and Reproductive Justice Committee proposes an updated resolution on Abortion Rights which we are pleased to present to you for approval and support.  We plan to ask the CUC to approve at the AGM in 2015 and would appreciate your support of it in your congregations, and as delegates to the AGM. Please go to Reproductive Justice under the Issues menu item

Support Women’s Reproductive Rights

Consider thanking those MPs who voted against the motion M-312 that would have reopened the debate of the legal status of abortion in Canada.  To contact a member of parliament use this email format

To find MPs contact information, link to House of Commons – Members

To determine how an MP voted on the bill,  download
Bill 312: How did they vote(from Global News)