Become a Member

Find out all about CUUWA membership in this brochure.

Membership in the CUUWA is composed of individual members, associate members and honourary members. See details under Types of Membership below.

Membership Fees

  • Individual: $25 per year, $40 for 2 years or $100 for 5 years
  • Family: $40 per year

Membership year is from July 1 to June 30

To become a member, please download CUUWA MEMBERSHIP FORM 22-23  and print. (You can also write to us at for a Word version of the membership form.) Contact Treasurer  Margaret Linton  for payment details.

Types of Membership

a)  Individual members are members of a Unitarian or Universalist congregation or fellowship who are in good standing and have paid an annual fee, the amount to be fixed by the National Council and ratified by the members at the Annual Meeting or Special General Meeting.

b)  Associate members are individuals who support the principles of the CUUWA and who pay the annual fee. They are entitled to vote at a meeting.

c)  Honorary members are persons of special distinction, who are appointed by the Annual Meeting.