CUC Abortion Resolution 1980

Resolutions – 1980 – Abortion Rights

1980 – Abortion Rights

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the 19th Annual meeting of the Canadian Unitarian Council promote changes in the law to permit that the right to abortion be determined exclusively by the woman in consultation with a physician.

Action Plan
1. Each delegate is requested to urge his/her society to become involved and agree on a strategy to further this issue. Suggested ways of involvement could include the following actions:

a. To support the Canadian Abortion Rights Action League (CARAL)
b. To disseminate information on “freedom of choice on abortion” in your community.
c. To encourage societies to write politicians and interested citizens to seek individual support.
d. To form a coalition of like-minded religious groups.
e. To promote joint efforts with other groups to lobby local, provincial and federal politician through personal action, written briefs, marches, demonstrations and public meetings.
f. To advocate, at the same time, that birth control information be available and free to all who seek it.
2. BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Canadian Unitarian Council affiliates with CARAL. (Canadian Abortion Rights Action League).