Past Events

2017 Annual Meeting & Tea

Held via videoconference on Sunday, May 28th.

2016 Annual Meeting & Tea

Held in Vancouver, BC. During the Tea, Vancouver’s very own “Raging Grannies” sang and Audrey Siegl, an outspoken member of the Musqueam Nation, spoke on Carrying on the Work of my Ancestors: How to be Good Stewards of the Land. Audrey was passionate and eloquent.

2015 Annual Meeting & Tea

Held in Ottawa on May 17, to coincide with the CUC ACM. The event celebrated the five-year anniversary of the inaugural Toronto meeting of the CUUWA. Claudette Commanda spoke on Decolonizing Canada: A First Nation’s Perspective.

The description was as follows:

“The challenges for First Nations women is embedded in the story of First Nations men, women and children: a story of colonization.   Claudette Commanda will map out for us the route of colonization to a right relationship with the First People of Canada.  She will share the history, the changing roles and challenges for both men and women of her people.  She will discuss the journey toward decolonization for both Settlers and First Nations and in Canada; a journey towards mutual understanding and respect.

Claudette Commanda is the National Coordinator of The First Nations Confederacy of Cultural Education Centres.  She is a Women’s Studies Professor at University of Ottawa, a lawyer, a member of the Kitigan Zibi Council and the granddaughter of Kitigan Zibi elder William Commanda.”

2014 Annual Meeting & Tea

The 2014 AGM was held via teleconference on Sunday June 1, 2014. Seventeen members joined the call, with 9 proxies, and 2 guests from 8 different locations. Women met in clusters, having tea, discussing issues or taking part in a ritual.

2013 Annual Meeting & Tea

Held in Calgary on Sunday, May 19th as part of the CUC ACM, the programme celebrated the Famous Five and contained the CUUWA AGM.

Frances Wright and Carolyn Harley

Frances Wright of the Famous Five Foundation, guest speaker, and Carolyn Harley, Famous Five vocalist, provided information on the Women as Persons struggle; … and tea was served. Suffragettes once held pink teas to discuss their struggle for the vote without their (male) opponents finding out — anything as innocent and feminine as a pink tea couldn’t possibly be about politics!

Documents for Meeting

2012 Annual Meeting & Tea

Held via teleconference on June 2nd.
Minutes of this meeting