Meditative Poetry Group

CUUWA and Vancouver Unitarians host two 15-minute gatherings each week online for Unitarian women to drop in and hear a poem by a (usually) Canadian (almost always) woman poet. Current dates are:

Saturday and Sunday 9 am Pacific/ 12 noon Eastern

The zoom link is sponsored by Vancouver Unitarians. A few minutes in advance just follow the shortlink and it will take you to the group.

The facilitator for the day reads the selected poem three times, with a minute of silence and brief sharing in between each reading. It’s usually a small group of 4 to 5. We find it to be a nice start (in BC) or a “break” in your day (in other time zones). It takes about 15 to 20 minutes and never more than 30. On occasion if it’s a long poem, we read it only twice.

We also have a googlegroup where we often post titles and authors and send an occasional reminder.

Contact Mary Bennett at if you want more details.

Updates are often posted at – Just search for “poetry” or “CUUWA”.

No obligation to be a poem researcher or reader. Many of us who are reading consider it an enjoyable privilege to be able to read aloud a favorite poem to attentive listeners. And we welcome anyone who wishes to read if you’d enjoy it.

I, Mary, recently got to read two of Amanda Gorman’s poems. What a treat!