AGM 2024 A Success!

Greetings CUUWA members, supporters, and admirers. Reaching the completion of another year of service at CUUWA, there is a lot to communicate. First of all, you may be wondering who is writing this post. It is I, Najat McFarland, newly appointed volunteer Communications Director. I am happy to step into this role and keep the “Embers Burning”.

What am I referring to “Embers Burning”? Well, that is CUUWA’s new phase. We are in a “rest & reset” mode for the next while. Our outgoing council member, Kathy Sage, says it best with her closing words at the AGM.

‘The seasons of our life eb and flow with energy.

The seasons of our organizations also eb and flow.

This season for Canadian Unitarian Universalist Women’s Association is rest and reset.

We encourage each of you who have been a part of CUUWA to reflect, rest as you need, recharge, and in the eb and flow, renew your vision.

CUUWA is here when the need and matching energy arises, equipped to renew our mission.

Numerous resource remain on our website

You can stay connected through our GoogleGroup listserve, Facebook page, and website.

You can stay connected by deepening connections with local activists  in your community and congregations and colleagues to collaborate on the issues and values that are most important to you.  If the need arises for a more active CUUWA, there could be stronger collaboration!

Thank you to all who are tending the embers and all who surround us collectively with caring and commitment.’

Rev. Kathy Sage

Another milestone we have achieved this AGM, is recognizing our Elders;

Reproduced from the Minutes:

Recognizing Our Elders: Presented by Betty Donaldson
The CUUWA Council has designated a new category of Membership:
ELDER. Founding member and former Council member, Ruth Patrick, was
our first member to attain 100 years and was celebrated at the 2023 AGM.
At the 2024 AGM, we honoured four more Council long-serving members as ELDERS: Margaret Linton (longest serving Council member), Rev.
Kathy Sage, and Janice Tait were all founding members; Jo-Anne Elder
Gomes is a past-president. An Elder has a lifetime membership, with voting
privileges, whether she makes an annual donation or not. Congratulations
and a heart-felt thank you to each woman.

Donations to Transition Houses

In response to Dr. Cloutier’s presentation, CUUWA voted to donate $100 to a Transition House, in Ontario and New Brunswick respectively, which are the provinces of the majority of AGM attendees.

Meanwhile, we invite you to become active in your feminism networks, and reach out to us to join the Google Group listserve or for any ideas, collaborations, sharing or other proposals you may have. Email cuuwa.cuc [at]

Happy Feministing!