CUUWA 2022 Tea and Business Meeting

The CUUWA Annual Tea and Meeting will take place on Zoom on June 11, at 12 pm Pacific, 1 pm Mountain, 2 pm Central, 3 pm Eastern, 4 pm Atlantic, and 4:30 NL time. (Saskatchewan residents, please convert the time from 3 pm Eastern.)

During the first hour, all are invited to engage in a cross-country conversation. We invite you to bring a special cup or mug filled with the hot beverage of your choice and homemade bread or treats to our Tea. After you enter from the waiting room, we will introduce ourselves.  Then we will take the time to discuss the following questions in breakout sessions:

  1. What is happening in your congregation or UU group doing around feminism? (e.g. IWD service, women’s writing group or small ministry group, partnerships with organizations, etc.) What projects show interesting, creative, feminist thinking?
  2. How can CUUWA support individuals, groups, and congregations in Canada? What feminist action or activity would you like to start or help us with?

You may enjoy reflecting on the questions alone or with friends during the weeks leading up to our meeting.

The business meeting takes place in the second hour. If you are not sure if your CUUWA membership is up to date, please contact Margaret L. to check and renew. For all other questions, contact Jo-Anne.

In order to receive the Zoom link for the meeting, you must click on this link and complete your registration. The link is to a registration form, not the meeting. Once I get the notification, I will approve your registration and you will receive the confirmation and connection information. Please contact me if you do not receive the confirmation email within 24 hours of completing your registration. I will also send periodic reminders, including early in the day of the meeting.

Hope to see many of you at the Tea and meeting!

Jo-Anne, interim chair