CUUWA Virtual Winter Social

Social for CUUWA Members and Friends

We’d like to invite you to a Winter Social on Zoom!

We can’t share tea and cookies in the same room, so let’s exchange power stories.

Join us on December 12, 2020, for a series of virtual conversations about where we have felt powerful, where we gather strength and power, where we see woman or mother or queer or goddess or sacred mystery and power.

Come and meet CUUWA past and current National Council members, participants in our low-stress feminist book club and our Cakes for the Queen of Heaven course, feminists across Canada who identify as U*Us, and others who would like to learn more about the CUUWA and chat.

Message Jo-Anne for the Zoom link.

Topic: CUUWA Winter Social

Date: Dec 12, 2020

Time: 16:00 Atlantic, 15:00 Eastern, 14:00 Central, 13:00 Mountain, 12:00 Pacific time

Format: 60-90 minutes, in breakout rooms