Feminist Organizing: Some resources to draw upon

Here are some bibliographic resources on feminist organizational practices from the By-law Revision committee report submitted by Betty Donaldson and Kathy Sage November 28, 2023. For a full copy of the By-law Revision Committee Report, please contact Betty Donaldson and/or Kathy Sage.


Canadian Resources:

Women and Gender Equality Canada This website is a resource for those interested in reducing workplace inequities; gender-based violence; exclusion based upon disability, race and education. It identifies indicators and funding possibilities but there is not much about how to operate differently except for a reference to an indigenous women’s circle. -Contributed by Betty D.

Government of Canada Gender Equality Fund & Women & Gender Equality Canada These two sites access the formal policies of Canada and global issues with respect to some women’s issues. -Contributed by Betty D.

Canadian Women’s Foundation This Canadian Women’s Foundation is Toronto-based. It acknowledges eight Founding Mothers and lists feminist principles for fundraising that are a “work in progress”. -Contributed by Betty D.

Academic Article: Alternative to Hierarchies in Feminist Organizational Design: A Case Study by Marilyn E. Laiken. In Feminist Success Stories/Célébrons nos réussites féministes edited by Karen A. Blackford, Marie-Luce Garneau and Sandra Kirby. Open Edition Books License My takeaway from this article is that it does not offer a prescription for our organization, CUUWA, to follow, but lays out the issues that women face in their daily lives in plain language. I especially resonate with how it describes our lives as women as sliced and diced in modern society – or compartmentalized. – Contributed by Najat A-M

American Resources:

Coalition of Feminists for Social Change This Coalition of Feminists for Social Change appears to be American lead with a focus upon reducing violence against girls and women. It has a coordinating Council and a Secretariat. The organization, which focuses on practitioners in the humanitarian and development spheres, describes itself as anti-hierarchy and collaborative. -Contributed by Betty D.

International Resources:

Action Aid This international organization uses regional hubs to develop local feminist leadership that reduces poverty and inequities in areas suffering crises, whatever the origin. The 10 feminist principles are backed up by pragmatic guidelines. The web sites are very good, reflecting years of field experience in difficult situations. -Contributed by Betty D.