How to be involved in federal history commemorations

The Government of Canada is committing resources to historical
commemorations. This started with the War of 1812 and it will peak for
Canada’s 150th birthday in 2017.

Women’s Groups are urging the Government to adequately and appropriately include
women and other historically under-represented groups, both in what
the Government and its agencies do, and what the Government funds
others to do.  is an on-line consultation
about what Canadians would like to celebrate in 2017. Please consider
circulating this list as widely as possible in your women’s networks
and community organization networks to support the participation of
women and girls.

The Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages, Shelly
Glover, is also conducting roundtable community discussions.

Commemoration-related projects can be made by groups that qualify for
the following funding programmes:

·Canada Periodical Fund ;

·Canada Book Fund  ;

·Museums Assistance Program ;

·Virtual Museums of Canada Investment Programs ; and,

·Exchanges Canada .

There is also a new recognition programme, Government of Canada
History Awards , which will be
administered by Canada’s History Magazine. It will honour students and
teachers who demonstrate excellence in exploring and teaching Canadian