Sacred Shelter

Update: Please let us know by October 1 if you are working on a piece for the summer phase and/or would like to respond to another person’s work during the fall phase. Send all questions, comments, and submissions to

The CUUWA calls for submissions for a creative project on home, nature, local communities and sacred space, under the working title of Sacred Shelter. We have extended the summer phase (original submissions of art or writing) to the end of the season, September 21.

We invite Canadian UU Women and Queers to send one, two, or all of the following. We would especially appreciate work by transwomen, non-binary feminists, and BIPOC women and girls.

Participants will submit writing or art during the summer phase, and then respond to work submitted by others in the fall phase.

*A photo or a photo of an artwork of interior, nature, or street scenes in your home or neighbourhood, and/or
*A short poem (up to 15 lines), or a prose poem or flash fiction (up to 500 words) on the theme of pandemic walks or sacred shelter, and/or
*An indication of your interest in responding to another artist’s or writer’s work with your own piece during the fall phase (whether or not you are submitting your writing or art in the summer phase). We will contact all people interested in responding to someone else’s work in the fall phase shortly after October 1; response pieces will be received until December 21, 2020.

Please include your name, pronoun, congregation or UU affiliation (if any), and a 50-word bio when you submit your work or indicate your interest in participating. Email your work as an attachment at

The CUUWA International Women’s Day Worship and Study package for March 2021 will be on the theme of Sacred Space, and integrate the Soul Matters theme of Commitment and the CLF / Faith Rocket theme of Covenant, as well as the poetry, stories, and artwork created in this project.