PEI Abortion Availability and Accessibility

The CUUWA Council has sent a letter to Honourable H. Wade MacLauchlan – Premier of Prince Edward Island – ans his cabinet ministers, requesting the PEI women have the same accessibility to abortion services as other Canadians.

Here is a portion of the text:

One does not need to a be a Unitarian or Universalist  to appreciate that every mother should be willing to bear and able to care for every child she conceives and that every child that is born should be a wanted and desired human being. The long-term social and psychological costs to the mother and children born, and to society are too grave when choice is denied.   Anyone who studies birth and death demographics knows the consequences, plus the dangers of ancillary diseases.

The immediate financial pressures upon women who desire an abortion in Prince Edward Island present a barrier to many.  Because no abortion services are offered on the island, and abortion is  an exclusion under reciprocal billing between PEI and its neighbouring provinces (New Brunswick and Nova Scotia), women seeking abortions are required to have at least $2400  to pay hospital service ($1900) in addition to travel and lodging costs.. Yes, this cost is reimbursable if a doctor referral has been given, but requiring that much cash on hand is prohibitive to many women in this difficult situation.

PEI abortion letter from chair