Reproductive Justice

The CUUWA Council and Reproductive Justice Committee has been concerned about the out-dated CUC resolution on Abortion from 1980. It was suitable for its time, but refers to a law that  was struck down in 1988  by the Supreme Court because it infringed upon a woman’s right to “life, liberty and security of the person.”
We have updated the resolution on Abortion Rights which we are pleased to present to you for approval and support.  It is now on the agenda of the CUC AGM in 2015 and would appreciate your support of it in your congregations, and as delegates to the AGM. Thank you for the feedback & comments that helped shape the final proposal.
To view the resolution, click on this link:

Nowhere to go…

Imagine you’re  a 14-year old girl, who discovers she’s pregnant. Without a driver’s license, a high school diploma or a paying job, you’re quick to decide that being a mother isn’t an option that makes any sense whatsoever. So what’s your next step? If you live in Canada, you might assume that you’ll have access to a publicly funded safe surgical abortion secured by Canada’s National Health Act, right? Not so fast…. – Read on in this link: Nowhere to go by Lizy Hill

Video on Pro Choice PEI

Reproductive Justice Committee – scope

The Reproductive Justice Committee has determined three areas wherein we would like to spend our time:

1. Supporting the OWL program in Canada; possible areas of support could be in curricula development or in making the program available to more youth, especially those in smaller communities or financial. Direction from the OWL leadership in Canada has been requested.

2. Abortion Issues in Canada – monitor the abortion issues in Canada and bring them to the membership’s attention. Current action includes review of the CUC resolution on abortion to see if updates are needed.  Past actions included encouraging women to thank those MPs who voted against bill M312; a donation to an ad campaign to encourage MPs to vote against this bill.

3. LunaPads: inform our membership and beyond of these natural, environmental women’s products with global conscience.

  •  Empowering our UU girls and Women’s self-care and self-sufficiency – don’t need to depend on drug stores for monthly supplies.
  •  Saving money – re-useable pads save approximately $30 dollars each year
  •  Promoting our reproductive health – organic cotton means soft comfort NO toxins.
  •  Caring for our Earth – a single Lunapad replaces approximately 120 disposable pads or tampons.
  • Deepening our spiritual connection to our bodies
  • Building communities of women – supporting Lunapads/Afripads partnership means girls can get to and stay in school.
  • Making a future link with Child Haven that appears to have a similar program.