Feminist Book Club

The Canadian Unitarian Universalist Women’s Association, an affiliate of the CUC, invites all to join the Canadian UU Feminist Book Club. Mary Bennett initiated this group and Jo-Anne Elder-Gomes agreed that it should be added to CUUWA’s activities.

A google group has been set up for discussion and information. Please join by sending an email to: unitarian-feminist-book-club+subscribe@googlegroups.com.

Both the google group and the monthly call will be open to all. You don’t have to worry about missing a call or not being able to read the book we’ve chosen to discuss. We’d love you to participate to whatever extent you feel able.

We’ll meet once a month, for one hour. Meetings will be on the second Sunday afternoon/evening of each month: 4 pm Vancouver, 7 pm Eastern, 8 pm Atlantic etc. at https://zoom.us/j/328662153 (A reminder and complete calendar will follow.)

We’ll start on March 10, as part of a full calendar of CUUWA activities for International Women’s Day / Month. Check out our 2019 International Women’s Day Packet.

We will be reading books on feminist subjects and/or by Canadian feminists. Feminist is to be understood in a broad and intersectional way, inclusive of the perspectives of trans/nonbinary folx and racialized/marginalized people.

Proposed call format

We’ll go around the circle twice:

1. Intros: 2 min. each (or less, depending on number, for a maximum total 25 minutes): name, pronouns, location and either a brief or a deep check-in relating to the book / our lives.

2. Impression or highlight: 2 min. each (or less, maximum total 20 minutes): comments on the book and how it contributes to your understanding of feminism.

Then we will invite final comments; depending on time this may be either a sentence about what you liked best about the book or further discussion of how it inspires you or concerns it raises. After the online discussion, we will continue with comments on our webpage. Again, all are invited to participate by asking questions, making comments, raising issues.

At each discussion, we’ll pick a moderator and a book for the next month, and post it on the google group for those not able to attend. We’ll compile a list of books to draw from; please add your suggestions.